Stone Hedge Golf Club

stone hedge

Client: Stone Hedge Golf Club

Services: Branding

About: Stone Hedge is located in Marshall, Missouri. They offer a 9 hole golf course, a country club dining experience, and several other summer amenities. Dakota worked at Stone Hedge Golf Club for 5 years so when they had to close down due to an unfortunate fire, Dakota offered to play a role in developing a new look, feel, and color scheme for the restaurant by creating a branding board and customized look for the company. Wanting to mix a traditional and cozy feel with vibrant reds, all the while showing a combination of manliness to appeal to golfers and feminism to attract the ladies, they went for a tactical approach using strong colors and fabrics but light and airy fonts and accents. Contact them today to schedule your next outing at (660) 886-GOLF (4653) or