Dakota Dayy is a boutique public relations firm helping others make a name for themselves through their personal and professional brands. We offer a variety of services all targeted towards growing your brand and you as a professional. We seek to bring fresh, creative ideas to the table and go beyond the call of duty to ultimately earn our clients the exposure they deserve.


Brand Styling

You love getting pampered, why wouldn't your brand? Let us wine and dine your brand. From rich new colors to fun fresh fonts, lets make your brand sparkle with a new finish. Brand styling can be done on it's own, or thrown in with other services for a complete package.

Public Relations

Public relations really can be a lot of work. It can be even more work when not done properly. Let us help you get started the right way. If you already have your brand or business, let us help you get back on track and spread the work about how awesome you are.

Social Media

Who doesn't love social media? Let us help you boost your presence, redefine your voice, and target the correct audience. We know the secrets to make your social media presence grow, let us put those secrets to work and get you the best audience possible.


We know that throwing an event takes a lot of time and energy. From an after hours meet & greet to a full blown networking event, we want to help. Let us help you plan the full thing or finalize the details. We want to make sure your big day goes smoothly.


Sometimes you think you're on the right track, but you just don't know. That's where our consultancy program comes into play. Let us work with you, for however long you need, to get you to where you feel comfortable to rock and roll on your own.


With all of our services we offer follow up support. We don't believe in just setting you free. We want to make sure that after you're on your own, you're completely satisfied with our services. If not, we will do what we can to fix any problems and get you going again.