Defining Your Mission Statement

Today we are talking business. Literally.

Any well thought out brand has a rock solid business mission to stand upon, which resonates into each and every facet of the business. And guess what, you should too! Even if your business is small, even if you don’t feel like you have that many people following you, even if you think you aren’t “legit” yet. Defining your mission clearly and powerfully will be the first step you need to take to push you past all of these fears and more so you can begin to grow a brand that has staying power.

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The Prime Minister and Her Shoes

A simple Google search of “Theresa May’s shoes” pulls 3,240,000 results. A Google search of “David Cameron’s shoes”, the former Prime Minster, pulls 444,000 results. It is worthy to note that David Cameron was Prime Minister for six years and after only a matter of days of being officially deemed the next Prime Minister, Theresa already has nearly eight times the amount of results.

No matter your political standpoint; Regardless of where in the world you live. There is one thing we can all accept, and that is that Theresa May is becoming the second ever female Prime Minister in the UK. This sends a widely positive message to aspiring women across the nation.

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Mastering A Phone Interview

The other day I was having dinner with a friend when I told her that I thought she would be great for an open position we have at my company. She stared at me blankly before saying she was going to pass. I was confused, she would be perfect. When I asked why it was to my surprise that she said she HATED interviewing.

First off, I get it, no one loves interviewing, but I didn’t hate it. I just thought it was tedious. So when I told her there would be a simple phone interview before a face to face, I could see her start to get red and knew this was headed in the wrong direction. She simply replied, “Great, two interviews.”

It got me thinking…

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